Los Angeles to Addis Ababa (Via Lome)


So recently I decided to try something new. Instead of flying directly to HAAB, I flew an interesting route instead. Ethiopian Airlines has always flown from Los Angeles to Addis Ababa via Dublin but has altered this route. Now Ethiopian Airlines Flight 505 flies from LAX to Lome, Togo. From there the flight continues on to Addis Ababa.
Here are some flight details

Flight Time: 12:23
Aircraft: Boeing 787-8
Remarks: Pleasant flight with some strong tailwinds helping me arrive 20 minutes before schedule!
Flight Time: 4:43
Aircraft: Boeing 787-8
Remarks: A scenic flight that gave off a beautiful sunset. Would recommend this flight!

And Now Some Screenshots


The 787-8 just finished boarding and awaits pushback with a lovely sunset background. A United 737-900 casually sits

Reaching a crusing altitude of FL350 just after sunset. Winds also push the plane at fast speeds.

Around 10 minutes later the moon slowly rises above the horizon. Y’all know what this means⬆️

It’s 12PM here in Togo as we begin our descent from FL390


The sole shot. This is at HAAB after a combined total of 17 hours and 6 minutes of flight time!

Hope you enjoyed the photos!


I saw you as I was going to São Paulo. I hope you enjoyed it!

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Short and spicy story

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