Los Angeles Sunset Spotting

Hi everyone! Here are a few more photos from my most recent spotting trip at KLAX.

Thanks for viewing!


They are beautiful photos especislly the Wantas A330 but I wanted to tel you that you should think about maybe taking the photos from the other side of the plane so you have front lighting?

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Ok, thanks for the advice!

I just realized that was uploaded by mistake 😅

No problem!! HAHA I thought that must have been a test or something

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Love the Air Canada 737 MAX! If you would want a better view of the planes landing/taking off on the north side, you can check out:

LAX Economy parking
6100 W 94th St
Los Angeles, CA 90045
United States

1-60 Mins = $6
Every 30 Mins extra = $5
Max Daily Rate: $30

Head to the very top of the parking structure and there you can park wherever you’d like!
Depending on how long you are there there will be a fee ranging between $6-$30. The free alternative would be:

Driving down W Westchester Pkwy
Right turn on Loyola Blvd
Left turn on W 91st St
Find a parking anwhere in that residential area
Walk back down Loyola Blvd toward Westchester Pkwy
Cross the street and turn left
Walk down Westchester Pkwy until you reach the end of the bridge (there will be a power thing there lol)

For the south side, Clutters park of good for takeoffs/landings but for a similar view of the In-n-Out you can visit:

The Proud Bird Food Bazaar & events center
11022 Aviation Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90045
United States

Just enter the parking lot and head to the back, there you can use the large empty lot behind the building to see arriving planes for Runways 25R/L. Hope this helps you find a place to enjoy the planes at LAX!

(Note: Proud Bird is closed Monday/Tuesday)

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(Just added the fees in there, I was mistaken, it is between $6-$30.)

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Wow! Thank you for all the spotting locations!

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No worries! Glad to help anytime I can! 😃

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These are nice!

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