Los Angeles - Singapore today

Hey guys today I’m flying from la to Singapore so if you want to watch its LiveFlight | Flight Tracker for Infinite Flight so yea i also need escort for landing. thanks

When are you going

I’ve done out of region flight and was able to fly and land in the original map I started. But I haven’t done a super long flight like that

I thought cross region flights have been banned.

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They are in the terms of agreement so your right

But it’s not like the infinite flight police are gonna come after you lol so people still do it

Oh I never knew there was a terms and agreements? I remember even one of the devs said he never heard of a terms and conditions about infinite flight

no you can land just with the help of escorts even though its pretty hard and the escorts have to spawn in Singapore

Oh ok I never knew that

yea its pretty cool

Ok but I have a while to go before I can “escort” him

yea a loong time and i might fall asleep

should i climb higher

Go to fl 380

got it going up now

That’s usually the altitude they use for flights this long

yea it is in if its hard to get up that high

Yeah because in infinite flight you never go that high unless they’re doing what your doing

I guess it’s to prevent you from going inter continental

yup but im up at fl380 so ill just hang