Los Angeles planespotting!

Hi everyone! I hope you all are having a great Saturday morning so far! I decided it’s time to post my second planespotting! I was going to do Zurich as voted but I didn’t wanna copy anyone since another Zurich planespotting was made, so I’m going to do my second most voted, KLAX! I hope you all enjoy!

Airport: Los Angeles International (KLAX)
Aircraft: Various
Airlines: Various

  1. Virgin Atlantic B789 coming from London, England!
  2. American Airlines B77W going to Miami, Florida!
  3. Alaska Airlines B739 coming in from Boise, Idaho!
  4. Swiss B77W just came in from Zurich, Switzerland!
  5. An Emirates A388 coming in from Dubai, UAE!
  6. United Airlines B752 buttering from Boston, Massachusetts!
  7. Finnair A350 about to land from Helsinki, Finland!
  8. American Airlines A321 just buttered from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania!
  9. United Airlines B772 off to Honolulu, Hawaii!
  10. JetBlue A321 about to butter from New York!

Which one was your favourite?

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And where should I spot next?

  • Kahului
  • Orlando
  • Las Vegas
  • Miami
  • Rome
  • San Francisco
  • Honolulu
  • Houston

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I hope you all have enjoyed and have a good rest of your day IFC, peace out!


Nice shots! See you here :)

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For real tho, nice shots!


No Lufthansa:( .

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But anyway, excellent pictures!!!

Bro flying 200 feet above the runway at the touchdown zone


Haha xD 😆, welcome to Ohio

Thanks for the likes!

Try planespotting at the in n out building on the 24’s today, there’ll be plenty of planes for you since KLAX is on the ATC schedule

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