Los Angeles - London Heathrow B744

Hey there! I decided to share my photos of today’s flight from Los Angeles to London Heathrow. I hope you enjoy watching 747 on greenland<3

At KLAX, preparing for a 10h flight.

Cleared for Takeoff, RWY 25R - Speedbird 1421 Heavy

Cruising over Hudson Bay!

I was low of fuel so I landed at Narsarsuaq Airport, epik.

Saw @Halfblood flying around<3

Successfully in the sky after refuelling.

Preparing for descent.

Successfully landed at LHR, RWY 27R

Parked next to B757 - US Airways, @PILOTASWIN

yes, i landed 747 on greenland ok everything is possible


Great photos! Can’t wait for the -400 to get wing flex!


Kangerlussaq (or however that’s spelt) can accommodate big jet aircraft, it receives regular A330 flights. However, Narsasuaq has a much shorter runway and can only handle prop aircraft and smaller jets.

Keep up the great work!

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Came through for a gas N go. Was headed to Al Udeid. Was interesting to see a 747 there haha.

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