Los Angeles (KLAX) Arrival Procedures

As we all know, tomorrow’s featured airports includes one of the busiest airports in Infinite Flight, KLAX. Us IFATC are preparing for the large amount of expected traffic, however below lists a few arrival procedures that will benifit the flow of the airport and minimize delays. 👇🏾

Arrival One: HLYWD One


Insert these waypoints into your FPL of you are approaching KLAX from directly west or southwest.

  1. HLYWD at or Below FL320
  2. BRUEN between FL300 and FL240 at 280 knots
  3. AVATR between FL240 and FL190
  4. DAAAY at FL170
  5. WADUP at FL150
  6. NEILE at FL140
  7. SEAVU between FL140 and FL120 at 270 knots

After passing SEAVU, expect vectors for the ILS or Visual approach at KLAX.

Arrival Two: GOATZ One


Insert these waypoints into your FPL if you’re approaching KLAX from the south west. (Australia and possibly Hawaii)

  1. FICKY
  2. ROSIN
  3. MALIT
  4. GOATZ
  5. DERBY Between FL190 and FL160 at 280 knots
  6. PHUNN at FL140
  7. SHHOW at FL120 250kts
  8. ZAPPP at 9000ft
  9. BUFIE at 8000ft
  10. VOR SIE at 7000ft 210knts
  11. TRNDO at 5000ft

Expect vectors for runway 25L.

Arrival Three: IRNMN Two


Insert these waypoints into your FPL if you’re arriving from the northwest. (Asia, KSFO, KSEA, etc.)

  1. BURGL
  2. DOUIT
  3. CROWY between FL290 and FL260
  4. MUPTT between FL270 and FL230 at 280 knots
  5. MDOTS between FL240 and FL200
  6. GRIPR between FL230 and FL190
  7. BIKNG at FL170
  8. RUNNN at FL140
  9. IRNMN at FL120
  10. SYMON at FL120 250kts
  11. BAYST at 9000ft 240kts
  12. JUUSE at 8000ft
  13. CLIFY at 7000ft 210kts
  14. DAHJR at 6000ft
  15. GADDO

Expect vectors to the ILS or Visual approach for runway 24R.

Arrival Four: ANJLL Four


Insert these waypoints if you’re approaching from the Northeast (KEWR, KJFK, EGLL)

  1. SALYY
  2. GLESN at FL280 280kts
  3. ANJLL between FL240 and FL190
  4. CAANN at FL170
  5. BOYEL at FL140
  6. CRCUS between FL140 and FL120

Expect vectors for the ILS or Visual Approach for runway 25L or 24R.

Now please keep in mind that it’s crucial to follow ALL ATC instructions. These procedures serve as a strong recommendation and will help smoothen the arrival flow into LAX tomorrow. Looking foward to a fun and busy day!


Thanks! Will make sure to use tomorrow.


I think a regular should re catorgirize this as #tutorials since its a great reference

Got you :)

@Dillon_Lewis you sir are a scholar and a gentleman. You’re the first ATC I have seen encouraging use of IFR procedures! We need more of this! I’ll try to make it tomorrow if I can.


you IFATC are so lucky. controlling ATC at one of the busiest times and places sounds like a dream come true, and you can ghost the trolls too! have fun!

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I have came up with so many techniques on how I would go about that type of traffic.

Charts everyone!

(Hope you don’t mind @Dillon_Lewis)





If you need help deciphering the charts here’s two videos to help!



That should be a tutorial by itself. Maybe someone else can do it.

IFATC here is a suggestion:

In the most extreme cases this might be what you use.

I don’t think there’s enough space for departures, for example, there’s a sid that goes southeast, and it directly goes through that sequence. I’ll find it again

Edit here it is: image

DOTSS TWO Departure

I LOVE when pilots use realistic STARS in Infinite Flight! It’ll be cool to see LAX looking (somewhat at least) similar to real life! 🎉


Very good information. Do you have the tickets for departures from the airport?


Stay tuned, may or may not be working on in now. 🙂

You’re welcome for helping you out with ALL the formatting on this thread 😡. In actually, great post Dillon, gave me some decent reading material for my layover :)

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@Dillon_Lewis do the IFATC controllers who are controlling like KLAX KJFK or EGLL have pre-made plan for how they are going to tackle the traffic like the picture in my post above

In most cases, the aircraft will be in decent lines already since planes would have already been under the control of a previous controller. When jumping into a busy airspace, a plan is always good for how you line up the planes, but you also need to be fluid and flexible in modifying it as a controller since there will always be exceptions that won’t fit perfectly.


Always! Can’t go wrong with one, but things can get crazy without. 🙂

We almost need to pin this for tomorrow ;)

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We have a plan which combines, @trio, a number of arrival and departure procedures so that we can efficiently get planes in and out. We used this previously and it was highly effective.

Have fun tomorriw,

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