Los Angeles center not responding

I’ve been trying to talk to Los Angeles center and ever since I’ve tuned in it hasn’t made a single response, same with all the other aircraft in Los Angeles center


Is this training server?

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Yes it is actually

Unfortunately, people with no experience can control on training, hence why the quality of service isn’t the best. For the best experience, fly on the expert server for trained ATC:)


Yeah but it’s not responding

Like the person is ignoring our atc

They’ll be kicked off for inactivity within 2 minutes if there is no interaction with the app.


Okay but I’m not trying to blame anyone it’s just I have never seen this before

Thanks and have a blessed day

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Unfortunately, it happens and we have no control over it.

Quick realistic tip - Don’t request an approach for an airport thousands of miles away on FIR and ask for flight following. All you need to do is check in when flying IFR, it reduces workload:)

Have a good day!


You too! Thanks for the info and god bless you

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