Los Angeles California to Houston texas

Flight time 2H 30MIN
Cruising altitude FL350-FL380
Block fuel 10800KG 23800 LBS
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Livery united airlines
Server expert.

Parked over at terminal 7 preparing for departure to Houston.

Taxing to runway 25R for departure.


Passing over Ontario (KONT) heading east to Arizona.

Cruising at FL350 over Arizona.

After a step climb to FL380 above the deserts of New Mexico.

Finally entered the lone star state preparing for arrival in to Houston.

On approach into Georg bush intercontinental airport.

About to butter on runway 9.

Parked at the United terminal.

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Nice pictures!!! You could use the free cam mode to make some really cool shots!

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awesome pics! love that u flew to the great state of Texas

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Great photos!

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Awesome pics I love them

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