Los Angeles airport issues

I thought the Expert server was for experts? I just took off from 25R bound for YSSY and as I took off on an ACTIVE runway, I had surpassed V1 and a Singapore airlines 777 collided with me head on, I was so confused because I scrolled up in the ATC channel and the same aircraft said he was “on left base runway 25R” when he was landing on runway 7L, after the issue, and I began my climb an Air India 777 was taking off runway 7L? after he indicated he was, the Unicom even read aloud “Los Angeles Unicom is using Runway 25L, left traffic” even after what the Unicom said they proceeded to take off on 7L Like damn I wish I could report as a grade 3 but it gets so frustrating sometimes? even an Air New Zealand 777 who had much more XP and a higher grade than me proceeded to begin their pushback when I was right behind them ready to taxi to the runway, then taxied to 25R at an unrealistic taxi speed, is there any way to fix things like this? this all happened on one take off, just one

Hello! Sorry to hear about your experience. Was there a controller active at the time of the incident?

Edit: I will assume that a controller was not active at that time as it is impossible that this happens without the controller noticing it. Since there wasn’t a controller present, you unfortunately can’t do much about it as there tends to be inexperienced pilots (or trollers) on the Expert Server at times when ATC is not present at the airport.

Did you happen to see if the user in question had his/her forum account connected though? If you did, you could always message him/her here and let them know what they did so that the same mistake won’t happen again.

Your XP and grade doesn’t mean you’re a good pilot. You could be Grade 5 but landing at 250kts.

no atc was active, I’m currently en route to sydney still but ill follow up on the replay, all I know is one was an Air New Zealand 777W called “Virgin Atlantic 'X’16”

You mentioned he announced on the Unicom his position though. If ATC was active, he should be announcing it on the active frequency.

with all do respect, when I said “no atc was active” I meant ATC was inactive, if it was active I would have said “no, ATC was active”

Ah, sorry about that, I misunderstood you as I thought you meant “no, ATC was active”.

Feel free to check out your replay and see if he has a forum account, then PM him letting him know of his actions :)

of course, thank you for your help and i’m glad this is an issue people are aware of :)

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