LorenzoBefumo’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @N/A [WRITTEN PASSED]

Hello my dears,

I’m Lorenzo and I have passed the written Test for became IFATC controller. I will open EDDL Local, on the training server. I will be open for about an hour.
I will be happy if you will join and doing some pattern work and Tower/Ground Procedures.
Feedbacks please on PM!❤️

Thank you.

Airport: LIMC
Staffed: Ground/Tower


on my way in 10

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coming now

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  1. you told me to hold short on my exit command (which was a bit late) so i had no clearance to cross the abeam runway.

  2. try n be a bit quicker on issuing commands / clearances.

some improvement but overall an ok job

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Hey dear, sorry I just close, I will wait you next time!

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next time

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Tag me in ur next session

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