LordWizrak’s ATC Tracking Thread [CLOSED] @ N/A [WRITTEN EXAM PASSED]

Hey guys, it’s probably pretty self explanatory, do let me know below if you wish to be a part of the “ping group” when I open so that you’ll be notified via the IFC that I’ll be opening an airport with details below.

Status: Closed

Server: Training

Airport: LFBO

Frequencies: Ground and Tower

Time opening: Now

Duration: 1 hour

Runway in Use: 32L 32R

Ping Group: @Anthony_Morgan @TheAviationGallery @MarkONE @CaptFoo @Fung_Sum-sum

If you do come along, thanks a lot for the feedback and taking your time to come along. I really appreciate your effort in helping me!


@Anthony_Morgan @TheAviationGallery @MarkONE @CaptFoo

I’m open now

I will stop by

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I’m sorry have we met?😂😂😂

Nicholas dragged you to one of my other practices before


Ah now I remember

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Sorry can’t come today lol still out of the house lol

No worries, I’ll try opening more often in future. Will let you know when I open.

I am stopping by

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I will give you feedback later

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Feedback, N1EC:

1 ) Transition was high, 3000 would’ve be perfect;

2 ) Unnecessary “say intentions”, I was transitioning your airspace so I can call inbound when and If I want;

3 ) No pattern entry on my inbound. Remember that for inbounds without approach (beside RV and FF) you have to give a pattern entry, sequence (if required) and then clearance. In my case, you gave me clearance straight away

Other than, everything was good! Some mistakes but you are very close to perfection.


Thanks mate. I’ll take these into account next time I open.

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@Anthony_Morgan @TheAviationGallery @MarkONE @CaptFoo @Fung_Sum-sum

I’m open now! Come by if you can.

I’ll stop by.

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Cheers mate

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Sorry about that. I dont know for some reason I couldnt hear your atc messages anymore and when I went to exit tower and come back it froze on me. I’ll restart it.

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No worries. I’ll be here ready for you to come!

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Sorry for this , Infinite Flight keeps crashing everytime I try to do an command like " request runway change " or " request transition " , couldn’t hear atc transmissions aswell. Anyway I’ll try to leave your feedback soon.

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Yeah no worries, thanks for coming along. I really appreciate it.

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Feedback from N17EE
( 1st Attempt )

  • It’s not wrong to give me right traffic for an left runway , but it’s much more easier to do “after the option make left traffic for 5L. As In practical it would be simpler for left runways = left traffic , right runways = right traffic.

It’s really the only feedback I have for you since the app kept crashing and all and I couldn’t hear the atc properly . I’ll try to come next time .

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