LordNC’s ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed] @KTPA [Passed Written] [Passed Practical ]

Nope you were completely correct saying that! I was trying to catch you out! It would be different if I said to you “final to land” you would reply roger because the pilot is just letting you know that they are going to make a full stop landing instead of a touch & go! But because I just said I’m on final you were right in saying “already cleared to land” as you cleared me for the option ✈️👌

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ok, thank you!

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My deepest apologies that I could not make it to your session, I was out running errands and cooking dinner. Maybe next time!

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all good, see you next time! thanks.

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Hey man, was a too late for my timezone. Sorry. I’ll hop by another day!

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@LordNC Hey I’ll try tune in next time! Are you down to hop in my session?

sorry mate I’m getting ready for my practical tomorrow. If I have time and your still open then sure

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I got practical tomorrow too! Goodluck to the both of us! Hope we both make it. Update me on what happens

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hey, promote please don’t post on my thread please. I try to keep it clean, so I get go over my feedback quickly, thanks.

All good, I am doing of officially training today! So I am not opening up

Quick up date on why I have not opened today and yesterday. Yesterday I did my first official practice , they said all went well. I just had one sequencing issue. And today, we are about to do intersection departures. If all goes to plan. I will take my test! Thank you so much for your help and feedback during my session. This really helped me!
Also, thanks @Balloonchaser for my being my amazing trainer !

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Hello everyone!!
I come today, to announce that I am now apart of the IFATC Family!!!

I am over the moon. But I could not have done it with out many of you.
@SB110 @Julien_Narayanasawmy @Michael_Sides1 @Marquatzi @1MASYBTGS @Ezzie @mike116119 @Othman_Asli @Cloud-Surfer @Drxw @David_Mullen @Black_Bird @Alexandre @Parshava @CptSwede @Fynn111 .

And special thanks @CptSwede to coming to almost ever opening !

As well, a special shout-out to @Balloonchaser for being, the best trainer out there. And we can’t forget my amazing recruiter @WesleyHenrich , who answered all of my questions, and more!

If it was not for everyone, coming to my opening’s , I would not have made it here. From not knowing anything, to begin able to control a nice pattern. I have made great improvements, and again, that is because of every one of you.

Have a magical day!,

Mods you can close this thread when you have a chance please.


Congratulations! Welcome!

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thank you!

Congrats mate! You absolutely deserve it!

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Congratulations!!!🥳 🎉

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Congratulations and welcome to IFATC.


Thank you so much!

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Thank you!

Welcome to IFATC!