Lord of the butter: The fellowship of the butter machines

LOTB: The fellowship of the butter machines

Lord of the rings was filmed in New Zealand so why not?

Flight info

Duration: 19:13, very weird, 22 hours supposedly for logical reasons it would not make sense due to the distance tho that’s what ete said,
, 7039 nm, NZAA-KATL, 777-300er

Takeoff from Auckland

Nothing interesting happened in the next 13 hours

Captain! Land ahead!

That was quite a long boring sea, wasn’t it?
Photo taken in Mexico
Hope you like the poster too

Forgot where I took this photo

Yes I am serious

Welcome to the United States

Waiting for this for a while, then remembered this route does not exist
Fun fact: it’s true it does not exist

Landing in Atlanta

777 fell for the temptation of the butter.

Thanks for reading

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It would be of great utility to improve my photos using the best of my photos and your advice :)

These photos were the ones I have put the most effort in, hope you like them.


Lord Of The Butter without the A330? No way…

This looks like something you would find in r/ihadastroke


It’s on the poster

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It’s supposed to look like a coffee shop poster, extreme quantity of words etc…

To me it’s a headache enduser lol

great images tho

Maybe I should have not put that many words

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