Lord_Huhn ATC Tracking Thread (CLOSED)

This Post is for training my ATC skills.

Status: CLOSED
Duration: N/A
Airport: N/A
Pattern Work: N/A
Server: Expert

Estimated next Airport: N/A
Estimated Time: N/A

You can request an Airport where you want me to control.

Infinite Flight in-game username: “Lord Huhn”
Please reply your Feedback on this Page. Thank you!


I ll be there in 2min. Nasa 1

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Status: open 1hr
Airport: EDDF/FRA (Frankfurt International Airport)

Edit: Closed


(I didnt see your sequence because I was the only one there)
Well there are some things that you need to work on.:

▪After the transition, I called inbound for touch and go RNW 07R. You didnt give me a pattern entry. You only cleared me. Remember: Always give pattern entry to all and every single aircraft.(And ofcourse sequence, if it applies)
▪After my first t&g I requested runway change to 07C. You gave me proper pattern entry and a clear, but when I reported full stop, you cleared me again. If you have already cleared me for the option there is no need ro clear me again,becuse the :“clear for the option” command includes:t&g, stop & go, low pass or even a full stop.Its not totally incorrect, but there is no need to clear me again
▪Too late exit command

All in all, keep up the great work,appreciate all the feedback you get and you will sharpen your skills in no time.

King regards,


Thanks for the service at EDDF. Had to quit as the winds were pretty crazy =P. Here are some feedbacks for future refrences

  • When I asked for takeoff, I heard Immediate clearance from you. I’m not sure but I didn’t see anything around me at that time. Maybe it’s related to the point number #2 (Check below)
  • It’s not advisable to use opposite directions. Like when you directed me for 07C, I saw people who were inbound to 25C aswell. You should be consistent in which side you want to use in the future
  • No need to use pattern entry if I’m staying in the same runway
  • Had I requested for runway change to 07C, pattern entry should be enter right downwind instead of base.
  • Pattern entry should be included when someone is looking for a runway change

Your ground awareness in the other hand, are great! Same goes to ground control. If you keep practicing and look at advices provided, I’m sure you’ll be a great controller in no time ;)


Thank you for your Feedback! This is really helping me to sharpen my ATC Skills.


The runways was Always changing and I was thinking that I need to change runways because of the Wind direction. Next Time I won’t change them. Make me quite confused 😂. Thank you for the feedback!

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Status: Active at least 1hr
Airport: EGCC (Manchester)
Pattern Work: Yes

Edit: Closed

I ll drob by again in 10mn. Nasa 1👍

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We have approach also there☺

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What can I do if there is Somebody afk in the Ground?

Are you only tower @anon70624511 ??

No I’m in Ground and Tower.

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I mean a Airplane.😂 It was Standing in the taxiway.

EGCC is still open! Someone wants to join me?

Thanks for the ATC. Sorry about my pushback though, not sure if you saw it but I made a little mistake.
My Impressions

Take these for what they are worth as I am also still a Training ATC, but I thought I might just say a couple things

  • Sequencing looked great from the little bit I saw
  • One thing to maybe work on is clearing just a little bit earlier, I was told right once they turn crosswind, but maybe just a little earlier so I’m not getting cleared as I turn final
  • Exit command and all other stuff like that was great

Keep practicing and I think you will do great! Good luck & thanks for letting me fly some patterns :)

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Thank’s for the Feedback. I really apprichiate that. ☺

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You really did improve from the last time.Just one thing

▪Be carefull with transitions: EGCC extends from surface to 2700ft. Your responce was :at or above 1000ft. Proper transition would have been :“at or above 2500ft”.

As @rileymoyer said, keep up the great work!! You are doing very well!!👍


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Thank you for information about Transitions. I thougt that EGCC is Not busy and that you can fly Low of high (your choice).
Thank’s for the great feedbacks.


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EGCC is now closed. Thank’s all for participating. ☺