Lord_Bendter_is_GOAT's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A [Passed Written] [Passed Practical]

cool see you tmr if you stop by

ill try! lol i need atleast 10 letters to send this

yeah lmao they need to change the rule

fr … … … … .

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alright guys i’ll be opening most days at 17:00Z. i controlled klax for a bit and now i got 200 ops to go i’ll be opening lfbo @ 17:00Z today providing weather stays good. see you then

@Luke_B opening LFBO in about an hour

Ok i might be able to go

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nice, i’d need more people to practice my sequencing

Ok, I know of a few people ill get them over here

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and when cleared for the option, do the regular landing, touch and go or low pass

cool thanks m8 really appreciate it

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@MJP_27 can you make it?

Can’t right now. Taking a Math Test

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In about an hour at LFBO?

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not right now but @ 1700Z

Not sure. I have a Social Studies Test at around that time as well

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oh alright good luck

open at lfbo please attend

I’ll be there

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cool see you there

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