Lord_Bendter_is_GOAT's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A [Passed Written] [Passed Practical]

i’ll do it for luke when he stops

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alright i won’t issue you exit runway. just be safe and request take off permision when ready

i saw 70 knots in atc manual rn i have it up in front of me

Read more of the ATC manual

yeah will do

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Alright, Im just going down to abt 60 knots bc i want to be safe and make sure it counts as a landing

alright taxi to the end of the runway then taxi back

do some transition work too

I’ll actually just do an early landing slow down a little bit and then take back off

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If conditions are met, it is good to apply and ask questions to recruiters.

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you got the option

i will try get more ops bak

@Kedz can i do some circles over the airport above transition alt?

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yeah, no silly acrobatics tho

Yea, i wont this aint chaos server couch cough casual server

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aha lol, casual was awful.

im never going back there

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i spent a month there it was hell

TS klax and egll is awful too

a MONTH? sorry for you

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