Lord_Bendter_is_GOAT's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A [Passed Written] [Passed Practical]

yeah will do

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Alright, Im just going down to abt 60 knots bc i want to be safe and make sure it counts as a landing

alright taxi to the end of the runway then taxi back

do some transition work too

I’ll actually just do an early landing slow down a little bit and then take back off

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If conditions are met, it is good to apply and ask questions to recruiters.

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you got the option

i will try get more ops bak

@Kedz can i do some circles over the airport above transition alt?

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yeah, no silly acrobatics tho

Yea, i wont this aint chaos server couch cough casual server

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aha lol, casual was awful.

im never going back there

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i spent a month there it was hell

TS klax and egll is awful too

a MONTH? sorry for you

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i’ll be doing atc tmr i’ll decide which airport tmr

yeah i’m relatively new to if lol

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i did pattern work and got out of it

Just a tip:

Exit runway commands for commercial aircraft (example A320’s B737’s) should be given in between 70 knots and 40 knots. If it’s a general aviation aircraft (example TBM 930, C172’s) give them the exit runway command below 40 knots. If your late with the exit runway command below that speed. Don’t worry. Your ok, still give them the command. But if there on the taxiway, plus crossed the hold short line. Just give them to contact ground or Unicom.

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