Loong Air A320-200

Loong Air Airbus A320-200

Credits: B-1869 Loong Air Airbus A320-214(WL) Photo by SHEJISHIKONG | ID 612340 | Planespotters.net

As I joined IFC, I noticed a little amount of Chinese Liveries so I decided to create one for this beauty. A few reasons Why I want this livery is that we can fly more diversely with beautiful terrain around China and with more liveries, It can make a more immerse experience. Another reason is that Loong’s livery is a beautiful paint scheme with Aqua and Red together.

About Loong Air

About the Airbus A320

I hope that we do receive Chinese Liveries In the future with more support!
Fun fact: Loong Air operates two 737-200Fs!

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Who knew an airline would be called Loong though I think it is pronounced Loo- ng Not the regular Long.

Interesting Livery.

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This livery would be a great addition as it can open many routes in China with its diverse scenery and airlines!

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