Looks real Air Force 2(C-32) travel (two pics with F-22)

On the way from Washington D.C to New York,accompanied by a F22 in Kirkwood.

In Aug.16th 2022, Air Force 2 (C-32) departed from Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport(KDCA) to John Fitzgerald Kennedy International Airport (KJFK). After around 40 minutes of departure, on sky of Kirkwood, a F22 caught on and accompanied for 10 minutes, which look like real vice president on the plane under protections. :)

Flight Information:
Flight Code: Air Force 2
Server: Expert
Departure Airport ICAO: KDCA
Arrival Airport ICAO: KJFK
Departure Date and Time: August 16th at 14:58
Arrival Date and Time: August 16th at 16:10
Total Travel Time: 1:23
Flight Time: 1:12


Next time, depart from KADW. That’s where the C-32 is actually based.

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