Looks like the A380 is safe for now

Thanks to new Emirates orders, we will still be able to see the world’s largest passenger plane in our skies!

I personally love this aircraft and im happy it will continue flying!

Article here: http://www.independent.co.uk/travel/news-and-advice/airbus-a380-superjumbo-emirates-order-deal-new-saved-extinction-worlds-biggest-plane-dubai-airport-a8165651.html


It’s a pretty exciting news for Airbus fans actually, it would be nice to see A380s around in several upcoming years again. Hopefully the plane can stay as long as possible.

But the problem is, Emirates currently have too many Airbus A380s after these orders. And I think it’s only a matter of time Emirates will stop ordering A380s. Airbus shouldn’t only rely on Emirates if they want A380s to be around for several years more


I honestly think the rumored 777-10 would be a good replacement for the A380, and Emirates should stop ordering A380’s and go for an all 777 fleet. I’m not sure how much in common the 77L, and the 77W have in common with the 777-10, but the maintenance costs may be low. The A380 on the other hand has 4 engines, and costs more to maintain.

In conclusion, I think this was the wrong move for Emirates. The more logical way in my eyes would be to wait for the 777-10, or keep the fleet the way it is. They will get the 787-10s soon, along with the 150 777-8 and 777-9 aircraft.


That’s too bad. Like @Matt737 said, it would have been a more economical choice to go with the 777. Perhaps they just feel bad for Airbus. 🤔😂


Definitely. The 777x is way newer than the Airbus, and will have state of the art equipment and amazing fuel efficiency, and will probably retain around…I’d say 70-85% commonality with the current 777s.


Really happy to hear that news, would have been to bad, if the A380 would already have come to an end ;)


Emirates need the passenger capacity aswell. It’s not all about maintanence and equipment


When it comes down to it all Emirates cares about is what plane can the get for cheap and run cheap

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That’s not true at all. I don’t see much evidence of this.

A380 forever the king of the skies! ;)


The 777-9x holds 414 people in a 3 class configuration, whereas the A380 holds 525 in a 3 class configuration. The A380 obviously holds more, but, the 777-9x is more up to date and fuel efficient. There is a trade off, less passengers, more range, better efficiency, and modern technology, or more passengers, but lower fuel efficiency, higher maintenance costs, and shorter range. From there, it’s up to Emirates.

For Now Key word :)

Don’t disrespect the 747 like that.


Wasn’t the 747 the Queen of the skies… Lol


Emirates order or no, the A380 is gong to be a thing of the past by 2035. Airlines want feul efficiency, not more seats.

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“For now” is a strong term. Emirates are the only company keeping the A380 in business. Lufthansa can’t pay off their A380s and Korean Air are stopping their A380 purchases. Good luck Airbus

Let’s see how far Quantas and Sinagpore will reach before debt.


Emirates is single handedly saving the a380’s rear end. Without Emirates the program would have fizzled out long ago. To be honest, I have never really been a fan of the a380. I would much rather see Airbus focus on aircraft such as the a350 and the a330neo.


The A380 is a luxury jet. So glad it is still around and I would love to fly on one in the future.


I say good riddance! This was one of those “look what we can build” from Airbus. It WAS a major achievement in flight but put it in the history books. Emirates will eventually do away with it.


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