Looking to upgrade the tablet

I don’t mean to toot the horn and all, but come on guys. The OP has said he intends to stick with Android, so stop telling him to switch to an iPad. You don’t do it on a thread regarding an iPad either. Respect his decision, and if you can’t make an Android suggestion, leave it to someone that can.

Device Compatibility Thread- Tablets

There is a decent list of android tablets on here that are ranging in power. If you want a good recommendation, either the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4, S6 or S7 will be drastically more powerful than your old Lenovo tab. The S7 also has a 120hz screen (although IF still runs at 60), but any of those 3 would be more than capable. The Huawei tablet is a possibility, but if you aren’t sure how to get play services on it then it’s not worth purchasing. Lenovo does make a reasonably spec’d tablet called the P11 pro which is quite powerful with a really good screen. It’s always worth a look.

Alternatively, if you can use a smaller screen, it might even be worth looking at a second hand android phone such as a S10, Pixel 4 or one of the newer Xperias, again a case of whether you can comfortably use a smaller screen 🤷