Looking to upgrade the tablet

Hi, I’ve flown IF since forever with the Lenovo Tab 2 (have given away) and recently the Lenovo Tab 4 with Snapdragon 625 that runs Android 7.1.

The most recent tablet is just from 2017, that’s not actually ageing? The’ve just done a point upgrade to keep browsing alive and I don’t hope there’s more updates from them.

I’m looking at a gaggle of new tablets with the Kirin 990 to set me back a cool USD 600. Is this a good time to upgrade or should I expect any tablet to adopt the newest Qualcomm chip?

When a long haul comes to an end it’s usually in a low power mode and when I’m asked to adjust the approach it usually gets spastic and I have to quit the flight short so I don’t get ghosted. I’ll try more without running low power and I don’t know if it’s a) the simulator b) old OS or c) old hardware.


I would choose an iOS device instead but if you’re looking for an android device I would wait until Samsung or any other Company release something new as 2020 has coming to an end! They will probably release something new this coming year!
Ps welcome back!


You can go for Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 or S7,works great !!


I can recommend an Apple device. The power of the new iPad‘s is unbeatable and all iPads will get for more than 4 years the newest updates. If you want a tablet which will last long and will have great performance for around 600USD, go with the Apple iPad Air 4


Device Compatibility Thread 20.2 - Built By Us For You! have a look up there


Literally all Apple can run IF perfectly, iPod, iPad & iPhone…

I usually fly long hual on iPod, Apple is just so good :)


Exactly. Also if you become a beta tester you‘ll probably get the beta earlier on iOS / iPadOS 😉


I’ll follow IF_WALLPAPERS’ advice and wait until the 2021 Christmas sale as I saw a discount on the Kirin chip ( Huawei MatePad Pro 10.8" ) but I couldn’t find it on the compatibility list. Then I can get a sale on the Snapdragon chip in 12 months.

I’ll talk chips here since when I’ve built a PC I’ll talk the CPU, GPU, storage etc. The Fractal R6 comes separately lol. I’ll wish we could assemble our own tablets of sorts.

I don’t think there is any Easter sale so the next discounted device would show up in a year.

I’m not an Apple fanboi, it didn’t say anywhere on the site you need ios to run Flight Unlimited.

I’ve meant Infinite Flight lol.

It might be a problem in the future as huawei has been banned in the USA not allowing them to use google services but I’m pretty sure you already know this. I think infiniteflight is not available yet on appgallery (huawei own play store)

My Oneplus 6t runs IF without problems and the screen feels hot to the touch so I feel discouraged after 15 minutes. Feels like it comes unglued after a while. But it could even run X-Plane multi user and I’ve managed to run the Sikorsky no problems (it’s 7 fps on the 8 core Lenovo running just two cores tops), I already have other paid Android apps that don’t cross over to ios.

The latest Lenovo tablet still running Google has the Snapdragon 730, I’ve looked it up on gsmarena and it still has some bite…

I can see you’re looking in the android ecosystem. If that’s the case, i would look into the tab s7. I don’t know to much about the android tablets, but it has ok specs. But I would personally recommend looking into the baseline iPad, or even higher end models. They may be more expensive, but you get what you pay for (I run IF on an 2016 iPad Pro, these things last forever)

I’m are using an iPad from 2015 and it’s is working very good

I would recommend an iOS device, since it’s way more simpler and the app runs great on it, moreover, IF is working on Project Metal that will make way to iOS first so, I think you should get an iPad.

Well, I’m on project Android for the foreseeable. Does it run on desktops since you mention Metal? That’s what held back the X-Plane betas for some considerable time.

I can’t run any other things than flight sims, if I’m at an first person shooter for half a minute I’ll get motion sickness and being in the corner holding a bucket. We call it shouting for an eeelk lol.

My PC costed 18 grand in Norwegian money. That’s a little more than the first “PC” produced here, bespoke OS, it ran 16 bits and the memory was already a little above 200 Kb - yeah weird but the graphics took a little Kb. We had three games, also produced directly on the machine. You know, we need fun?

I have recently bought this device, and it is absolutely incredible. The display is very big, it can run Anti-Aliasing on, All graphics maxes out with out a single lag. I really, really recommend this device.

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Currently using the Samsung galaxy S6 tab and the performance is really good tho wouldn’t say its on power with the new ones coming out now

Try the new iPad Air 4th generation. Really fast & great graphics

I play on a galaxy tab A (2019) and it works great on high graphics! Just be sure to have them at low at busy airports

I have the iPad Air 3 and it works amazing on max settings, but if you have a higher budget then go iPad Air 2020 because it has a more powerful processor and a better display