Looking to make a group with decent ATC controllers, that would wanna group up sometime?

im good at it

Lets Make a group then!

Do you have snapchat? Or discord or sum

no but we can make an infinite flight community group chat

like a group message on here

I’d love to join the group!

Yes, IFATC is a good thing. But I personally need to keep my freedom of flying and controlling whenever and wherever I want. :-)


I would love to join the group for the time being. I am IFATC qualified and I would only do approach service’s at flat airport’s for the time being


Alright ill make one

sure got it!

Alright! ill make one! How do u make a group chat here?

What if I make a discord?

up to you doesnt bother me

Alright i’ll make a discord rn

u got snapchat btw?

yeah I got you ill pm my username

I strongly recommend that you apply for IFATC, you will find that IFATC is a very harmonious and happy group, you can try to meet new friends in IFATC and your wishes on the ES server and control the airport with your partner (Ground Tower ATIS) (Approach/Center), although the process of applying for IFATC is long, you will find that it will be very happy to be a IFATC in the ES server. Although controlling in TS server has no restrictions, but will pilot follow your instructions?(there’s no report button :), I hope to see you in IFATC in the future,Click here to apply into fantastic team if you have any questions relate to IFATC, feel free to PM me


I’ll be answering for him, but he for sure already knows about IFATC. That’s because he doesn’t want to apply for ATC whilst still controlling seriously in the TS that he’s making this topic. :-)

@Paul_G, I personally prefer Discord as it’s less personal than my Snapchat. That’d be great if we had a Discord group! :)

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Thank you so much for explaining what I was trying to say. I’ll make a discord group rn!

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https://discord.gg/4qzsJ9Wt is the link!

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