Looking to know how to do a live flight video

Hi, I am interested in sharing my flight to public by doing videos of me flying my infinite flight plane is there away I can share my flight with friends or the public? let them see exactly what is on my screen? I see a lot of youtube videos of it but not sure how to do one…

I only have a cell and PC, no ipad

Thank you!

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You may have a prodigy amongst the IFC!

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what?? not sure what you mean

Dan posts videos on YouTube so he may be able to offer some assistance.

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What smartphone do you have? Lg, Samsung, Apple?

ZTE Galaxy i think 25?

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It’s ZTE Grand X2 :) Powered by Android

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This may be helpful -


Concretely if you don’t have the function built in, use AzScreen Recorder. Its free, no ads and I highly recommend it. As far as I know Dan uses Apple which helps him in no way here.

In case you wanna see some examples, click here :

If you have any more questions, feel free to dm me.

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If you’re on Android there are many apps for it or you can use a standard one depending on your phone. It’s just as easy on iOS, just download a screen recorder or use the built-in one.

Go onto the live streaming section on YouTube where your analytics are and it will give you instructions on how to set up a stream. The most important one is getting an encoder. Once you’ve clicked on the encoder part, it will come up with a variety of recording and streaming softwares.

For android, I recommend YouTube Gaming
For iOS, I recommend Wirecast

(Some may require the device being plugged into the PC itself in order to transmit all of the data onto the PC resulting in your screen being mirrored to the PC)

Hope this helps:)


I tried Azscreen… it’s ok, but was so small that I couldn’t see numbers, and was blurry. I’ll try though on my next flight later today.

Alright let me know how how it goes and if it doesn’t work, PM me and I’ll help help you through there.

Which one is best to put it on my laptop? and is free? would youtube gaming do that? I tried Airserver, but it didn’t work for some reason

What device are you using?

ZTE Grand X2 Powered by Android

I would 100% go with YouTube gaming if I were on android

I’ve checked your specifications and have went over some videos about it. My recommendation is to use another device which us more powerful. This is because with a snapdragon 400 and an adreno 305, you won’t be able to film without setting infinite flight to it’s minimum. Trust me the end result will not be what you expected.

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