Looking to Hire In-Training/Fully Trained Air Traffic Controllers for my YouTUBE Videos

Is the link to my YouTUBE channel.

To be clear, you’re looking for an Infinite Flight ATC that knows what they’re doing and can open every frequency in your flight plan on TS1? This is just the regular IF Controlling, and not s voice chat?

Yeah, they have to be able to switch to every frequency and no voice chat.

Alright. Just don’t forget that IFATC cannot control on Training Server, and they cannot do what you want on the Expert Server either. We have strict procedures when we provide services. Make sure you know what you’re looking for. I won’t be able to help you. Good luck!


Okay I will remember that. Thanks for the info!

Please don’t use fillers

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Yeah, sorry forgot that was not allowed.

Read this article.

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I will happily edit it to make it more than 20 letters. Doing it now.

Sorry I just haven’t been in the community for months

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Is it salary or hourly wage?


@Plane_Masta… MaxAsks: “To Hire”!. Please explain, Is it your intent to remunerate in cash or merchandise, for services rendered, the Controller Trainee or IFATC who applies?


I believe, based on his specific needs, an IFATC won’t be able to follow the rules of being an IFATC and still provide him the services he desires.

IFATC can’t control on TS. TS can’t control on Expert.


It’s probably a good idea to add they mustn’t be IFATC as IFATC must control an airport for at least 30 mins / 1 hour so will not be able to move with you

No, not like real money. Just a private controller who knows what they’re doing

And yeah, lesson learned I need to think posts over before submitting them I’m gonna edit it a little bit

Okay it’s a little more spefic, including the “hireing” part and the switching frequencies part.


PM me. I may be able to help.

Soo you want a personal Controller?

So it’s not verbal atc? Because I do verbal

@bookers4eva Yes, I need a personal controller so I can make recordings without always having to fly without atc.

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