Looking to get into ATC

Hello, I am quite new to the IF community and have been looking to get Into doing ATC on live servers. Was hoping somebody could point me the right direction to get started. Thanks.

Here is all of the information you’ll need to know about becoming IFATC.


Erm? He is new and looking for information to learn ATC. You must pass a written test in order to do training sessions.

Anyway, you can watch the tutorial on YouTube provided by IF.

Or you can go to #tutorials:atc and the information are there, too.

I’d also like to add you need to be in this as well (listed in the requirements for training):


I mean, if he just wants to learn the basics of ATC, sure. But I think he means being ATC on Expert as well.

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I think what @Gabe_Z means is that you provided him with the link for ATC Training, which is only for those who have attempted a written exam. The other link, the ATC Recruiting, is indeed the right place for starting the IFATC journey.

@Aegaeus_Mengsk, as long as you’re grade 2, you may control on the training server. However, I implore that you read the ATC Manual and watch the YouTube tutorials beforehand, in order to provide a good experience and to keep pilots from getting mad at you. Good luck! :)

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Actually, even grade 1 pilots can control on the training server :/.


Can they? I was under the assumption that you had to be grade 2 to be on TS…

You have to be grade 2 to control the training server atc

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That’s what I thought. I’ll double check after I land, though.

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I think it’s true indeed that with all grades you can control on TS. IFATC can also control on expert with grade 1, fortunately haaha

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Say again?

The requirements to be IFATC are a minimum of grade 3, so I’m not sure where you got that…


Mate you might need to look that up again

No you don’t, I have controlled on the Training Server as a grade 1 before. If you don’t believe me, you can try it out yourself.

Well I was grade 1 and it said no atc access

Yes the requirements are that you should have access to expert server along with minimum of 500ops. But once we pass our IFATC testing process and join the team,we are given access to expert server,and it cant be removed unless done manually. So yes,an IFATC can control even at grade 1. But you cant control on TS as grade 1 because its system implemented and restricts the access automatically,while restrictions from controlling on expert server is done manually.


I think you are referring to the Expert server. That’s not what I’m talking about, I’m talking about the training server. The Air Traffic Control on the training server is accessible by anyone, no matter what grade you are.

You can control on the training server as a grade 1, if you don’t believe me try it out and tell me what happens.

When I looked at the requirements for the ATC section of the training server, it said grade 2. I’m also curious as to how you propose us to check, as we’re all most likely grade 3 and above?

I’m sorry if I’m escalating this any further, but are you able to provide me a screenshot through PM that says in the ATC section you need to be grade 2 to control on the Tranining server @TaipeiGuru? I’m just curious to know because I was able to control in the past as a Air Traffic Controller on the training server as grade 1 :/.

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