Looking To Fly Requests

Hello All Thanks For Coming To This Wonderful Thread!

SO the point of this is to ask if other people want to go on a flight with you so simply say in the chat below.


  1. Hi Im new to Infinite Flight and I would love to fly with someone with more experence so I can learn a-little better

_ Or_

  1. Hi anyone want to fly KCLT to KROA with me

Hope this works out for all yall and have some fun doing it


Blake | Founder USA ATC

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And…they can’t make their own threads for what reason…?


because that would be cluttering the server and well just use this


The purpose of the #live:groupflights category is not for one big thread


Hello everyone im looking for some more people to fly with me out of KROA running the pattern with someone who is new to infinite flight

what should it be under then

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Nothing. - GroupFlight threads aren’t a thing that’s allowed - we let people make their own.

The #live:groupflights category is for threads of anyone who wishes to do groupfights. It’s not for creating just one big thread of group flight requests

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well then im sorry just put it down if it isnt needed :C

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