Looking to become a staff member for a virtual airline

Hey there im looking to he a staff member for any airline i have been a staff meber befor im very good with website editing and flying on the if app plz msg me if there is any opening. Happy landings !

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Frontier Virtual Airline!!

Sign me up my friend.

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Talk to @sk28 and you will be hired :)

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Also we have a board meeting tonight if you could make sure you’re available 👍🏼📸

I messaged you and you never ansered

Who are you talking to?

I pmd but you didn’t reply

Check out Big Bear VA!

Could become a staff?

All i want is to become staff on a va plz

Feel free to join Jamie and I over at E-Z Air Australia, we’re looking for management positions to get filled and someone to make us a website. You can find us on Facebook but we don’t yet have a topic

@BavariaAVIATION do we need it?
@Sam1 for easyjet maybe?


I would like to join and make you a website

Sorry, but we never received a message from you on the Infinite Flight Community Forum.

Unfortunately I can’t add you into our group chat until
I rank up but if you have Facebook like our Facebook page:


A website would be absolutely awesome, as we’re in need of management positions would you like to be like out head of public relations or something? If you think of a title you like we can probably make that happen. Sorry it took me so long to get back to you

Hello I would like to become a Chief Route Network Manager for Unite
Virtual because I believe that creating routes Is the heart of this VA.
Thank you

Ok i will help you with whatever you need

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