Looking to be a staff member on a VA

Any staff positions open on a VA? I am looking to join up.

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Just look at their threads for staff vacancy.

Hi! Check staff thread for avaliable staff positions!

That thread is dormant.

There are no current ones.

The thread updates as new VA’s are created.

Sometimes it’s best to join a VA as simply a pilot and maybe work your way up.

I can tell you from personal experience running and being staff in a VA that “looking to be staff” is not a valid qualification, and often will result in you being ignored.

Anyone can want to be a staff member, but you have to prove that you have something special, that you can bring something new to the table. Building up trust and respect.

If someone simply wants to be a staff member, it’s typically more for the sake of having the title and feeling superior, rather than actually having a reason for it.

But by all means, @Ecoops123 has linked a prominent thread, and there are always VA startups looking for an eager staff team to drive them forward. Maybe give it a shot


Also be aware this is a IFVARB rule.

Staff Member Cooldown And Position Allotment: Staff members are now only allowed to be staff in one VA of their choice. In addition to that, staff members that resign from VAs must wait 90 days from the date of resignation before they can take up another staff position somewhere else.

Thanks @Ondrej

Lol I know 😉

Check out our new thread. We have vacancies:

The #live:va category is not meant for this type of topic. If you would like to join a VA, you need to do your homework and research the various VAs that are on the IFC and on IFVARB and contact them and discuss it via PM.

Going to close this as was done on prior topics of the same nature.