Looking to apply for IFATC

Hi guys I was interested in joining a IFATC group but I can’t seem to find any applications


Look here:

Best of luck!


Thank you but I couldn’t find an application link

It states on the post that you need to contact a recruiter via PM.

What steps are taken before being added?

First, an interested candidate will contact a recruiter who will ensure all minimum requirements are met. Please contact your recruiter with the following:

  • Infinite Flight display name
  • callsign
  • age
  • level of experience
  • screenshot of operations count (Select ATC from Main Menu, you will see xxx operations in the top right hand corner with your name.)

Note: If you cannot contact a recruiter yet it is because you’re not a Trust Level 1 on the Community Forum. Continue to positively contribute and contact a recruiter privately once you have the ability to do so.

Quoted from Tyler