Looking forward to the A380

So it has to be monday or later.

Which means, since they said the release is “VERY soon” they will release it after the preview (are we sure there will be a preview?) and I am sure it would be on Monday (if any preview is there)

Atleast we will have this.


Its supposed to be 20 then RETARD irl, idk why its 10, RETARD…

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Dan was at LHR this morning, with the new A380. Wonder if part of the upcoming stream, will be used!


Oh it’s cool, for sure!
Can’t wait to see your reactions! 😂


I’m looking forward to the sight of dozens of A380s at DXB or a row of A380s parked at TBIT! Theres going to be so many airports packed to the brim on the day of the release of the A380.

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I know right! im so ready for it 🤩


For some reason it’s not showing up for me… I’m subscribed and all notifications on lol

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U can check it from the live stream playlist


It’s not on there for me

Edit: found it lol, I was in the Live section not Playlists


is this gonna be like a 2 minute preview or a hour long livestream?

It will be a long stream. I red the description that the stream will be a test flight from tolouse

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ah okay that’s good, thanksss

A380 thread has open

Is it getting released 3/3/24 on the live preview or is that just the last teaser?

It will be after the 3rd

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There is no announced date yet for the aircraft to be released. The streams are to demonstrate the new aircraft.

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Ah okay then. That makes sense