Looking forward to the A380

I absolutely cannot wait for the a380 rework. I really hope it’ll live up to the hype. Also having airbus cockpit sounds will be very cool. It’ll be interesting to see how many people will actually fly it realistically.


Definitely a fun bird to fly despite my dislike towards wide body aircraft. It won’t disappoint, the wait is all worth the while.


Ikr? I am looking forward, especially the 3 Honu’s coming.


When will it be released?

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There is no set release date, IF Devs will never set them, it’s just round the corner, stay tuned! :)


Hey Asher, is there any plan to add V1 etc sounds?


Same here,I never flew the original model much before so I’m looking forward to flying this one. Can’t wait, I have a great feeling this update will be awesome.


The update is soon ™️
It’ll get here when it gets here ™️
50, 40, 30, 20, 10 RETARD RETARD ™️


I’m looking forward to it being released publicly! Like Asher mentioned, it won’t disappoint! Though I do have a disliking for the whale.🐳


They don’t give release dates but there might be a few hints maybe. Just saying.

I fly this thing pretty often in game right now and have the past few years. Been my favorite commercial aircraft since I was a little kid…so I’ll definitely fly the new version a lot and realistically only! Can’t wait much love to the king 👀❤️.


Latest post on instagram from Infinite flight mentioned as a reply that the release is “Very soon”, 2-3 weeks ago they also said that the release will be “in the coming weeks”. Now as we know, big releases like this from IF does not just show up on any random day, keep in mind the only airline with the most A380 routes is Emirates (OMDB based) and and according to the IF ATC schedule, on the 26th of this month (this Monday) OMDB ATC will be online, with a route to non other than OEJN, WHICH IS an actual IRL A380 route (OMDB - OEJN) (EK 801/803/805)… with that being said I really think the release will be at anytime before or on the 26th of the month!


My thought exactly, however… the monday featured flight is perfect for a preview stream since it’s a actually A380 flight IRL and it’s a short route…

that literally ruined my day lol! But I hope they do release the update with the stream, I mean its been more than 1 year😭

Do they release updates on weekends?

We all are excited for the A380. It will open up many new routes to fly and it will just be a fun plane to fly long hauls with


Good question, but I do not know tbh

Sorry that i ruined your day bro 😭 All i know is that Dan will be doing a preview stream before the update gets released. So that’s why i think monday is the perfect route for it

Nope, we never had a update release on weekend they only release during weekdays

Thought so.