Looking forward to recreating real flights in future versions of IF

When in future versions of IF all the regions will have been replaced by “Global Flight”, I’m so looking forward to recreating flights I’ve made from Rotterdam and Amsterdam to London and Paris.
I don’t think I’ll be recreating flights from Amsterdam to New York or Seattle though.
I’m crazy about IF but I don’t have that amount of time. ;)
Would you?


You could take off and climb at the evening and then you could go sleeping for 9/10 hours and when you wake up you could land :D

(So they would have to make an extra regulation for Gander/Shannon to not ghost you, if you don’t reply…)


But, what if a storm gets on your path?? You will surely crash.

Or if you are about to land a 9 hour flight and your app crashes😅


Agree 1-2hr flights are realistic on an IPad…means I don’t get two tired, destroy the iPad battery and allow real life to happen!

tbh that’s why I think that an inter-region ‘global flight’ allowing to link regions would be a better way for an iPad app to be.

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I can create a simple flight which I love a lot. DOH to DXB if we get the Dubai/Doha region.

Hopes are high.

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On FL 400??

Yes, I know, but it would be much more realistic than “beaming”

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this is all what i want!

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or made something as “timelapse” between region so you can accelerate (like replay)

Great idea, but not too long flight like for 10 hours. 1-2hrs would do. One more reason why it’s better is because it’s really quick how you just take off and reach your maximum altitude and already start landing in a short while. With this idea we would also get to fly in higher altitudes and faster speed just like in real life. Live time and weather would also make the simulation better.

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