Looking for Verbal ATC pilots and controllers! Join the IFVATC community today!

If your interested or have any questions, PM me. Looking for mature members only

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It already exists check this out

That’s what I’m recruiting for lol


What’s ur discord name I’m an Atc supervisor for it

Pts130 filler

Oh k lol my mistake

Ur good haha


Don’t use filler please:)


can i ask, what IFVATC is? I checked ur website, but even after that I do not have a clue what that is.

It is verbal ATC. Real people talking.


how does that work?

We useable app to simulate something similar to a radio to communicate. We use real life ATC and charts. We also have frequencies such as clearance delivery that is not included in IF

I had to use the filled to bypass the 10 character rule

The mods strictly forbid anyone from using it. Read more about it here:

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He asked a question so I answered it. If you have a problem with that, report it. Simple as that… Don’t do their job

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