Looking for users

USCG Petty Officer (Jetblue 774) - was flying earlier this morning (EST) at KTPA

SVA (MYJOY) - just finished doing some patterns at KMIA (4:30PM EST)

Expert server

Please PM me. Or if anyone else knows their community name please let me know.

Thank you.

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Why do you need these people’s names?

What server was this on? If it was on training server it is quite likely they are not here. If they are controllers PM Tyler or joe with any issues - I know this may not be your issue just for future reference.

Expert. I was the controller.

Ok so if you can’t find their names here it is quite likely they are not on the forum. Maybe add their names to the title so people can see whilst scrolling through the forum?

Not always… I can’t search for callsign and sometimes community name is different.

No but there is a community name below the call sign in live. If that’s not here when you search it is likely they are not on the forum.

That name on Live has nothing to do with the community name…they are not connected.

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They usually are though. It may just be me but I am sure quite a few people use the same for both. Either way add the names to the title and I guess you will just have to wait and see…

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