Looking for user ‘IVO225’

Player stats for IVO225:
XP: 328600
Violations: 186
Landings: 374
Flight time: 506h 15min
Aircraft: United 787-10

Incident details:
Time: 0758Z
Nature: Runway incursion, disregarding Unicom, deliberate pilot error.
Server: Expert!!

A few minutes ago, at EDDF, I was lined up properly in runway 07C when the user flying as United 35(on their way to KORD currently) entered the runway and took off from the other side(25C) without using Unicom at all. @GZhynko had just taken off from runway 18 a few minutes prior usingg callsign DLH1119G and properly communicating using Unicom. I am currently on my way to LTBA flying as Turkish 1598 on a Turkish 77W

I would like to contact the user in order to refer him to the topic below.




@GZhynko had just take on off RWY18 prior to the incident and had no involvement in the incident. I was pointing out that he used unicom correctly unlike IVO225.

Just post it direct to a mod for clarification, or even better dm it to the guy involved.

Well unfortunately the user isn’t on the IFC, so we can’t do anything about it.

I can’t DM the guy because I can’t find his username here hence posting here in order to see if anyone knows the guy and how to contact him. I’ll pm a mod about this incident though.

Yeah, I know what you feel lol or hen you can’t have justice served to someone. Yesterday, I saw two idiots Taking off on the same runway, head on. PM an IFATC mod, and see what they can do.

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yeah, i saw this accident
i was departing from 18 runway to florence

@Kiz , i can send you some photos later if u need

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It would be good if you can send them at your own time. Thanks.