Looking for two Staff Members on a developing Virtual Airline

Hello Everyone!

I am currently looking for some staff for this Virtual Airline that I am developing. I am looking for two positions. If any of these sounds interesting please shoot me a PM!

Here is what you need to be a staff member
13+, Have an IFC acocunt, Must be Trust Level 2 or higher, Must be Grade 3, Is active on discord or Infinite Flight community, you cannot be a staff member on any other VA, Must have IF pro subscription.

Position 1: Events Manager
What do you do?
You will create upcoming group flights for this VA, help manage the Crew Center by accepting and declining PIREPS.

Position 2: Recruitment Manager
What do you do?
You will recruit members to this VA, by accepting or declining new users that follow our policy rules. You will also be taking care of what rank and the Rewards for our pilots.

Please keep note that this isnt IFVARB approved, we will apply once we are ready. We will ask some questions in a PM that you must answer honestly, we will also give you more information! Please contact me on a PM here if you would like to apply for being a staff member! :)

Sincerely, Ryder

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Please apply with the IFVARB and enter the review process before recruiting with the thread linked below.

What is the va?

Oh, so I need to apply before hiring? My mistake!! Sorry, I will delete the post.

You may hire staff privately prior to applying; however, you cannot publicly advertise until you’ve applied and have been accepted into the approval process.

Roger that, Sorry about that. I flagged the post for it to be deleted. Thanks for letting me know! :)