Looking for the person with the callsign N329J Whisky

If your callsign is N329J Whisky(or something like that) PM me.

You might want to add the callsign to the title (so they can quickly see it) :)

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Is that Callsign or Display name? The only reason I ask is because the callsign would look like N139JW in IF or if you had wrote it out in full it would be November 139 Juliet whisky.

I’m not sure if it was a Callsign or Display name but I believe it was a Callsign.

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Turns out it’s N329J Whisky not N139J Whisky.

they could be different persons :)

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I saw this person today at PHNL.

That’s where I saw him too.

Changed the title for you. Maybe 20 days ago his callsign was in fact N139J Whisky and he changed it since then. Idk.

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