Looking for the people who escorted a Southwest Airlines plane yesterday

Hello I’m looking for people who escorted a Southwest Airlines plane from Los angles to Mccaren intl if you are on here get back to me please my callsign was captainmichaelczyz

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Do you have names or callsigns?

Unfortunately no I forgot the names

This threads gonna go far 👀


What do you mean baloonchaser

No callsign means that we have no way at all of identifying the aircraft’s pilots. They are just unnamed F-16s now. There is no way to identify them without a callsign…sorry.


Maybe enable in settings: live: dots and names of other players, very useful as the callsign turns orange with ATC instructions/requests ;-)


@Michael_Czyz Maybe next time go on the live-map and click on the fighter jets that were escorting you and it’ll show all the information you need to know including the usernames. 😁

It’s two people out of nowhere, Then it’s probably a VO/VA or some kind of group.

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