Looking for staff interested in joining new virtual airline

I am planning on submitting an application to the IFVARB, to create
I am currently the only one on the team, and am looking for people interested in joining the airline as staff, to help out in different ways. And then once up and running flying with the airline.

The website is already created, and now I am waiting for people interested in joining this airline to make it thrive post-application.

Feel free to comment or contact me privately for interest.
All staff positions are available, even CEO, since I know there are much more experienced people out here than me.


Hello, this would be better suited under this thread:

Make sure you currently fit the rules and guidelines of the topic before posting such being in the IFVARB approval process by undergoing the application process. Best of luck to your VA!

Ok. Thanks

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So, I can’t post in the VA channel, and I haven’t submitted my approval request yet, so I can’t post in the prospective staff request thread, what do you recommend?
Just keeping it here?

I would say just hold off on a staff request post until you’ve submitted your approval request and have had it confirmed/reviewed. It would also help you get staff easier with members seeing that the VA has started working towards IFVARB approval. :)

Ok great. Thanks

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Ouch, it just told me I don’t have high enough a trust level here.
Which I don’t doubt is true?
How do I check my trust level?
And I assume you up by interacting on the forum and solving, and getting likes…

Apologies, should’ve pointed that out. You’re a TL1 (Basic) as of now, in which creating a VA requires TL2 (Member).


There’s no set public guidelines on what the requirements are though it shouldn’t take long to reach TL2 as long as you post constructive topics and replies along with engaging in the forum.

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Perfect. Thanks

Here is a very useful link for you! :)

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Is this ITA airways


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