Looking for someone to run a VA with me

Hey! my name is Dmitri G and i have been playing IF for a while now. I have seen all of these VAs and i would like to start my own.

i am looking for someone that has experience in IF and can help set up and run it with me.

if you are interested please pm me on here or email me:


can wait to talk with you!

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I am ready to do so

great so you would like to?

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I would not recommend putting your email out to the public

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Hello… Nice to hear!But unfortunately u can’t posf here for staffs.Please direct to this Thread

Is your VA registered with the VARB?

I don’t mind but I would definitely like to contribute

i have not started one yet

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In order to recruit staff your VA must be registered. Check the pinned posts in the #live:va category for more info.

Especially this post:

ik i am getting someone to start it with me before i do that


Also …you shouls be TL2 to post in Live category

I might be able to help with the VA, just PM me with whatever you need done and I’ll see

I’d help you run the VA, but I’m already running a VA of my own. Best wishes though!

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What airline?

please close this i have found someone

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