Looking For Someone To Help Run An Event!

Im planning a Southwest themed event for either August 4th or 5th in the SoFlo region. In the event there will be two different groups (Old livery and new Livery). I will be leading one of those groups but I am looking for another person grade 4 and up who is a really solid pilot. This person needs to be able to communicate during the event. With a device other than the one they are using for IF It should be a really fun event. Comment on this thread if interested and I will PM you with details.

Event will most likely be around 1800 zulu

does this either belongs to #live or #meta

why Meta. Isn’t that for discussing the forum itself

Because you want a guy to help you ;) it will be me

I can help, although I am grade 3. I am really solid. I have another device I can use

So… Are you interested in helping with the event

Are you good with autopilot and following flight plans exactly

Yes, I am.

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I would help

what grade are you

Grade 3 sir

I can’t do 1800 Zulu. I will be in school. If you do 2100 Zulu, I can join

Good to know. I might end up changing the time to later

Does your school end at 2100 or would you be ready to go at 2100

Contact IFES or us we would help

Ready to go, school ends 2015 zulu

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