Looking for Someone to do a Short Haul with!

If anyone wants to fly right now on some short flight (probably within the UK, but i’m open to ideas) just PM me now!

I usually fly alone but i want someone to fly with now, just to see what it’s like. :)

I think you’ll need to move it in #live:groupflights. But I’m not sure.

i was thinking that, but it’s not really a group flight… it’s only me and one other person…?

You are actually a group. But maybe it belongs to #general… I don’t know. 😆

Normally we don’t allow single posts like this looking for flying companions. That is what the #live:groupflights category is for. It is for more than just you flying. #live:events is used when it is organized with assigned gates, etc. You also need to be Trust Level 2 to post in #live:events.

Make sure you read the category rules and format your thread correctly. I’m sure someone will be glad to help out if needed.

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