Looking for somebody to fly with me:)

Hi, lately I’ve been trying to find somebody to fly with me on a 14 hour flight from Chicago O’Hare to Dubai. Yes, I know that this is something that I should be posting on the infinite flight discord however I don’t know how to. If you are interested and flying this route with me that’s awesome! If you suggest any other route just reply and name the flight that you would like to do. Any flight works for me thanks!

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Hey, here’s a quick guide how to do it:


open this channel

Write the route in “Title” and fill the flight details under it. Then select the server you’re flying in and press publish.

So witch on is group flights though?

hm, you don’t have access, do you have your discord account linked to your IF?

I don’t think so but how do I do that

open Infinite flight

go to settings > account > Discord Account and continue the process

Okay I will try

Ok I’ve linked my if account with discord it eaven gave me the notification here is the screenshot of the infinite flight discord server

where do I go now?

do you have an option to accept the rules in #rules-and-info?

Never mind I got it thanks for the help