Looking for some suggestion for Joysticks.

I am getting more and more into this Sim. I have an iPad pro 2019 and I wonder if anyone have some suggestion on joystick. One work easy with IF. I wonder if Amazon have joystick with a separate control for speed and flaps. I saw a bunch of Joystick on amazon, but I don’t know if will work with IF.

Thanks for help.

Many Saitek yokes and Joysticks will work with IF, and they have a lot of useful buttons on them. I use a Saitek yoke myself and it works nicely.

@Swiss uses a Saitek yoke too

As long as your yoke/joystick works with liveflight connect you should be good.

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Hey there mate, here are some joysticks that works really great, hope it helps you:

This one, the second one, I have a friend that have tried and said me that was really good, works quite good in his IF simulator.

Have a nice day!

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That Thrustmaster look really nice. Did you used before?

If so, how easy is to setup this joystick?

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So, I have to connect the joystick to Liveflight and them will connect to IF?

Also, I used Liveflight in my phone (because I am using iPad for the Sim) Do I have to connect the joystick to the iPad and them open my phone and will show in Liveflight?

Yes, you have to have your joystick connected to your computer running liveflight connect, which has to be connected to the device running IF.
Liveflight connect only works on desktop.

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You need to download LiveFlight connect from here on your desktop: https://connect.liveflightapp.com

Then connect your joystick to your PC, and lastly make sure your PC and the device running IF are connected to the same network. Then you would go to Settings>controls>use network joystick. And that’s all, pretty easy. Hope this is helpful and looking forward to seeing you flying on IF skies

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Yes I used it before, it’s so easy to setup, you have to use LiveFlight.

The Logitech and Saitech Yoke, Throttle and rudders are the best way to go if you have a budget of about 370. You also need a computer with LiveFlight connect to connect a joystick


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