Looking for Some Scenic Route Ideas

I recently renewed my IF subscription (for a year) and I was wondering from the community what are the most scenic routes I should fly?


A topic was made just like yours today! Look through here, there are some good ones in there!:)

Thanks for the quick reply!
Unfortunately, it just has short haul routes and I was wondering if I can have a mix of short haul, medium haul, and long haul route ideas.

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Ah gotcha. How many hours + were you thinking?

Any length (as long as its scenic).
I want to take a lot of screenshots, especially with this new update.

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One of my favorite routes is KBNA-KOAK in Southwest. It’s got a nice view of the hills around Nashville and then mountains on your descent into Oakland.

Then my absolute favorite long haul route to VHHH-EGLL. Hong Kong has a stunning departure with with mountains and the Bay Area!

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Fly KSEA-CYYZ fly into Canada then turn and fly over the rockies or vis versa


Another really good scenic route is from KATL-KONT, the scenery changes so much and has such a diverse set of scenery, that no matter what point of thenflught your at it is always gorgeous!


Approach into TXKF Is Beautiful! It’s defintely a recommendation.


  • CYYZ-TXKF (A321 Air Canada)
  • CYVR-TXKF (767/787 AC Rouge)
  • KLAX-TXKF (787 American)
  • EGLL-TXKF (A380 BA, Yes, It Supports the A380, Ive seen them IRL.)
  • KLGA-TXKF (737-800 American, A319 Delta)
  • KJFK-TXKF (737-800 American, A319 Delta)

The Airport:

The Country:

Any flight into LOWI u get that crazy approach

Seattle to San Jose (SEA-SJC)(KSEA-KSJC) allows you to get the beautiful view of Seattle combined with Bay Area views from above and ending with city approaches into San Jose

Oh man!!! I have a whole bunch saved on my phone but i’m currently in the air. Right off the top of my head
North America: Vancouver, Squamish, Bella Cooda, SFO, KJAC, Orlando-Melbourne, Big Bear
Central: Cancun, Cozumel, Punta Cana,
Caribbean: Pretty much anywhere especially San Juan and TNCM
Europe: Nice Cote d’azur, Santorini, Naples, Innnsbruck, Barra, Skiathos, Funchal, Ibiza, Catania, Geneva
Africa: Cape Town, Nairobi, Eddis Abba, Tangier, Casablanca, Marrakesh
East Asia: Taipei, Phuket, Seoul, Tokyo, Paro
You’ll find Mountains as well as flat praires. Approaches range from easy to very hard

I just did a flight from Los Angeles to Puerto Vallarta (Delta b739). It was about 3 hours and follows the Southern Californian and Mexican coasts with a pretty approach over some mountains. I would recommend it :)

Have you looked here: Suggested Routes | 2019

…is that actually a name of an airport

discovers it is…

mind blown 🤯🤯🤯

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