Looking for some new friends

hey everyone, just looking for some new friends to fly with!


Hey there! I’m glad to hear you’re looking to get more involved and familiar with other members of the community. It’s always great to see the positive engagement. In my opinion, a few good ways to get to know people is by hosting group flights, events, and/or joining more virtual organizations.

A database of VAs/VOs is here, should you wish to explore that! As for group flights and events, be creative! Do something unique that makes it stand out and presents that “wow” factor making people want to attend them.

Best of luck!


I’d also like to add on to Danny’s point by including that you should join IFATC! With over 450 members and an active, passionate, and fun community, you’ll be sure to find new friends there - I certainly have, just ask @ToasterStroodie himself (our messages between each other are certainly a roller coaster and a half). Attached are information and the recruitment process for IFATC - it may sound difficult, but it’ll pay off in the long run!


Please look out for events. This is the best way to interact with other users. Also try using the weekly ATC schedule to fly with some traffic

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Feel free to pm me. I fly on the expert server.

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Hey there, i usually fly on weekends on TS so if u ever do want to fly with me Pm me im currently streaming


hi man PM me if you want. On facebook i am a member of a few Infinite flight related groups and we regularly do events, group flights and help less experienced pilots who are new to IF. Please do PM me. I will get you on the right track.

good day



You can fly with me!! I am very boring in TS. Feel free to pm me :D


I would search through the #live:events category and join some of them, you can make some friends here!

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I love flying. LMAO-

Hi 👋🏻

My PM is open if you want to talk or fly ;)

Hey man! I’m Jason… Mikey1974 to all the rest of the world! I have been flying in GAF for about 3 years now and recently parted ways with them, I’m kind of in the same boat, I’m older than allot of you new folk and flying f16s. And F22s on here every day for years I kinda got in my own little bubble… anyhoo… I’m always flying on here, in fact I’m doing a north to south circumnavigation of the infinite globe now… I posted about it in the General … hit me up tho, I’ll fly with ya!!


Hi. Nice to meet u. Just tag or pm me if u want to Expert/ training server


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