Looking for Scenic Routes

I’m looking for routes that are scenic, yet semi-long. Any ideas?

Check this ^^


Thank you 👍🏻

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No problem!

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Routes around Alaska are always nice :)

I’ll give you a long haul one if you want

Sure, what is it?


You should go fly around Singapore or South America and explore the new scenery there. :)

Unless you have Apple, in which case refer to the others’ comments above

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Bit confused, has the scenery come out for Android only?

For now, Android. It’ll come out for iOS in the next few hours/day.

Ah, just read the announcement. Cool stuff!

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Doha To Istanbul or any European city!, a very nice route with lovely views of the Arabian Gulf sea, Iran Mountains And much more!

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EGLL to CYYC Arctic route. Fly over Iceland, Greenland, Nunavut Canada etc…

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