Looking for/Researching Community Members

I might be starting a new VA. Boeing VA. It would consist of (temporarily) 10 pilots and 5 staff members:

Media Director:
Pilot Director:
Website Director:

Website will be: (not complete) www.boeingvaif.weebly.com

Pilot 1:
Pilot 2:
Pilot 3:
Pilot 4:
Pilot 5:
Pilot 6:
Pilot 7:
Pilot 8:
Pilot 9:
Pilot 10:


Must only be in 2 other VAs.

Must be TL2 or Above

##This is the testing stage

Hope to see you soon!

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as per terms and conditions of the community you have to be min age of 13 to be a member here…


Please give me a link to where it says that.


check Terms of service and Privacy. Its what we all read before signing up. That’s why all VAs can only collect details (ie names and email address etc) of people who are over the age of 13 otherwise they are breaking the law!

Of course if people tell you they are older than 13 then you will have to believe them!

Oh, wow, I did not know this.

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Look, I don’t want to cause offence, but with no website, plan or remote idea of what the heck this is about, you’re not going to get anywhere close to 15 people.

That is why I said this was a concept.

I just want you to be realistic, in the fact that you won’t get anywhere near that number at this stage. I don’t want it to put you off making the VA, you are basically looking for people to start with.

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A person just PM’d me said he was interested.

How many times? I’m not saying you’re going to get noone, or that this will be a failure. All I’m trying to say is that I see it very unlikely you will get 15 people to start with, especially the pilot roles. I recommend you look at doing this properly once you have 2-4 people to form a core group.

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Can i join ill b a pilot

This is per a law called COPPA. The Child Online Privacy Protection Act.

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Do 13 and up or up to 13

There is no age restriction …

Oh so can i join

Only ages 13 and older are allowed to share personal information with a web server operator.

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Im older then 13

Then you have nothing to worry about. :)

So can i join

Don’t you already have more than 5 VA you are a part of?

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