Looking for pilots for my new VA, Sam Airways

OK go ahead

@NatIsrael972 NatIsrael972 please get out there and do some flying

Doesn’t your VA got a communication group or something? I thought I would be added into something like Slack or what…

Yea give my 2m to add you

Check your email

I haven’t received anything for the past 5 minutes… Did you enter my email right? It’s natisrael972@gmail.com

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@Aviationluver can you move this to the VA section I just updated my post

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@David_Lockwood. FYI, Topic remains in “Live”. Appears your move to VA did not take. Max

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@Maxmustang do you think the name needs to be changed

@Sam1… Name needs a kicker Sam. Need to draw Fly’s. “Air America” is no longer flying or “Flying Tiger Line”, or “Civil Air Service”. You can always count on a CIA proprietary. Cheers, Max

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